How To Get A Sick Note From An Online Doctor

Visiting an online doctor is convenient, a time saver, and can even help you protect your health. However, many people wonder if they can get everything they need from an online doctor. While there are some services that an online doctor cannot provide to you, they can provide medical advice and prescriptions just like your regular doctor. For example, an online doctor is perfectly capable of writing prescriptions and a sick note for work or school.

When Do You Need a Sick Note?

When you or your child is under the weather, it can be challenging to request time off of work. Because sickness can come at any time and can last for any number of days, juggling your schedule around your illness or sick child can be hard. Depending on your company’s sick policy, there’s probably a limit on the number of days you can miss for an illness without a sick note from your doctor. Visiting a clinic to get a sick note can be a scheduling nightmare and expose you to additional germs from other patients.

To keep employees from taking advantage of a generous sick day policy, most employers have rules set in place. You may be able to be absent from work for one or two days without needing a sick note. But, after you’ve been absent for three days or more, you’ll need to give your employer a sick note from your doctor. Your sick note should disclose information about your illness and when you should return to work.

School can be even more complicated when it comes to missed days and unexcused absences. Often, students are only allowed a few absences each year. Sometimes, missing an important test date carries even more weight. If your child has more absences than the allotted amount, a doctor’s note prevents your child’s absences from counting against their graduation to the next grade level. Additionally, if your child is sick often, sick notes from his doctor could be a way to avoid truancy. 

Fit Notes or Sick Notes?

In the past, doctor’s notes about your ability to work were referred to as sick notes. Sometimes, though, a patient is healthy enough to go to work but must avoid specific duties. In this situation, your doctor may issue you a fit note if you’re only able to perform some of your regular duties. Fit notes allow your doctor to describe the reasons you’re unable to do specific tasks.

Some reasons your doctor may issue a fit note include:

  • Your injury prevents you from doing types of tasks, like lifting or standing for long periods.
  • You’re taking medication that prevents you from operating heavy machinery
  • You are recovering from a surgery
  • You’re recovering from an illness and shouldn’t be outdoors in poor weather
  • You’re only able to attend work part-time

For your child, reasons for a fit note may include:

  • An injury that allows your child to attend school but not participate in sports or physical education
  • An illness that requires a child to stay inside during recess
  • Your child’s injury requires them to take medication during school hours

It’s entirely up to you if you follow your doctor’s advice. If you choose not to turn in a fit note to your employer, the company isn’t liable if you get injured due to your illness. However, if your employer receives a fit note and can’t comply, you may need to remain out of work for a more extended period.

How to Get a Sick Note from your Online Doctor

If your work schedule is hectic or you’ve used all of your sick time, an online doctor can provide you with a sick or fit note for work or school. To get a sick note from an online doctor, you’ll schedule an appointment at a time that’s convenient for you. With an online appointment, you’ll be able to skip the hassle of sick day balances, lunch-hour traffic, and germ-infested waiting rooms.

4 Steps To Get a Sick Note Online

Getting a sick note from an online doctor is similar to getting one from your regular doctor. If you’ve never seen an online doctor, you will need to follow certain steps to get started. 

  1. Create an account. You’ll be required to give some general information about your identity and your medical history. You might also be required to provide a valid photo ID.
  2. Provide medical records and current prescriptions. To accurately address your condition and provide a safe diagnosis, your online doctor will need to know your medical history. It’s always necessary to share any medications you’re currently taking.
  3. Gather insurance information. While your health insurance may not cover an eVisit, it’s a good idea to have the information ready for your appointment. If you’re unsure about coverage, you can contact your insurance provider before making an appointment. If your insurance doesn’t cover online doctor visits, we offer affordable flat fees so you can still receive professional and convenient medical advice.
  4. Make an appointment. When you take care of your appointment online, there’s no need to change your schedule or arrange childcare. Just choose a day or night appointment and describe your symptoms. When you meet with a doctor on your phone or computer, you can request a sick note.

At Dr En Su Casa We’re happy to guide you through the process and answer any questions you have about our convenient online system. At Dr, En Su Casa, you can get the care you expect from a traditional clinic without the hassle of traffic or rearranging your schedule. Consider the convenience of online visits to take care of sick notes required by your employer or school.



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